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Potus entered Dreamplex and toured a series of three high-tech displays in an open work space. Young people wearing blue shirts gave him a tour of each. The first was a laptop computer and potus later said it was a remote controlled laser cutter. The young man giving the demonstration handed potus what appeared to be a pink and blue paper flower. Later, Potus moved to the second display which involved a large TV monitor and Potus picking up an ipad and appearing to take a selfie while some cartoon figures on the screen moved. "Look at this guys," obama said to the pool and he fiddled with the ipad. Pool was then ushered out and into a larger room where dozens of people in suits were waiting for Potus to give a talk on entrepreneurship.
Obama took the stage to applause. Three people - two women and a man - were seated on stage as he delivered opening remarks from behind a lectern with the presidential seal. Some highlights but please check against the transcript:
Potus: "I had the opportunity to visit jade pagoda. Going from a 100 year old sacred temple to this 21st century Dreamplex is a wonderful expression evolution take place here in Vietnam, a country that honors its history but is also boldly racing to the future. That's the story of this city, a city on the move. When we were coming in from the airport we would see all the activity that's taking place, and I'm not just talking about the traffic. It might be easier to be on a motorbike than a motorcade."
"Some of this energy may be from your Caf? Troung. That stuff is strong."
"I see it everywhere I travel-I meet people, especially young people, eager strike out on their own, start something new and shape their own destinies, contribute to their communities and live better lives. That what entrepreneurship is all about."
"Entrepreneurship is also the fuel for prosperity, putting people on a path to success. It's hard to get started, hard to access capital, hard to get skills you need. It can be especially difficult for women."
"He said a company called 500 Startups has launched a $10 venture capital million fund in HCMC."
"I'll welcome 8 Vietnamese entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley next month."
"Your success sends message to global investors this country's incredible potential for innovation."
(He said the US will help open a women's entrepreneur center in Vietnam, then he put in a plug for the Trans-Pacific Partnershpi trade deal.}
"The TPP not only will allow to us sell more goods to each other and bring our economies closer... but it will also accelerate economic reforms, boost competitiveness open up new markets."
"My message to all the entrepreneurs here is: I believe in you, America believes in you."
Then Potus moderated a discussion with the other three on entrepreneurship...
One woman grad gtown mba. She makes fashion jewelry and sells it on amazon.com (a terrific company, your Washington Post pooler notes)... the man used to work in the US for Microsoft.


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