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This was open press but for those not paying attention to events in Charlotte...

Obama wrapped up at 4:28. Pool (and the Clinton campaign pool) hustled upstairs at the convention center to an overflow room where many hundreds of people were watching on a big screen as he and Clinton worked the main crowd.

"I couldn't be prouder than the things we've accomplished together, but I am ready to pass the baton," he said at the end of his remarks. Clinton had traded places with him and listened while seated on the stool. They clasped hands in a victory salute at the end.

More Clinton "In America we don't tear each other down. We build bridges, not walls. We don't call the country we love a disaster or a laughingstock. We know America already is the greatest country on earth," she said. She wrapped herself in the progress represented by Obama. None of the founders who gathered in Philadelphia to adopt the Declaration of Independence envisioned a president who looked like either of them.

Obama unleashed a blistering torrent of taunts aimed at Trump, rebutting many of his core campaign points. Check transcript (and Twitter etc.) for the juiciest nuggets.

"Anybody can tweet.... Sasha tweets," Obama said of his younger daughter. "But she doesn't think that she should thereby be sitting behind the desk. ... But I can tell you this. Hillary Clinton has been tested."


"I know the other guy talks about making America great again. America's really great," he said, bolstering his case by citing opinion surveys across the globe, as opposed to merely making up assertions. "They think we're the greatest.... We were in a hole when I came into office. Now the world, the rest of the world, thinks we're pretty darn greet. And by the way that's a fact. You can look that up."

By contrast, he said, "A bunch of phony bluster doesn't keep us safe."

"This isn't a reality show. This is reality. .. You can't be reckless. You don't have the luxury of just saying what pops into your head... You can't just kick out reporters... You've got to be able to handle criticism without taking it personally."

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