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Date: August 7, 2016 at 11:27:00 PM EDT
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Subject: Travel pool #6 -- return to Chilmark, lid

The motorcade was rolling from Oak Bluffs at 10:59 pm, bound for Chilmark. Lots and lots of onlookers on the street as the motorcade departed.

Uneventful ride. During the ride, pool learned from Wikipedia that Martha's Vineyard (and nearby Nantucket as well as the Elizabeth Islands) were part of New York until 1691, when they were transferred to the Massachusetts Bay colony.

(Massachusetts seems involved in an inordinate number of historical land transfers, having also ceded a swath of present-day Michigan and Wisconsin back to the federal government as well as granting our Yankee cousins in Maine their independence in 1820.)

We arrived in Chilmark at 11:25 pm, at which time we now have a lid.

The White House declined to say who President Obama had dinner with, beyond "family and friends."

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