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Motorcade arrived at the National Gallery of Canada at 10:52 am. Uneventful ride. Lots of onlookers.

Pool was ushered into a foyer at the end of a long hallway. Along the hallway, US, Canadian and Mexican flags were arrayed.

The three leaders appeared for a photo op at 10:58. PM Trudeau was in the middle, with POTUS to his left and President Pena Nieto to his right.

The White House helpfully passes along this background on the museum: "The National Gallery of Canada opened in 1988 and houses Canada's art collection which spans more than 40,000 works with 1,200 on display at any one time.  The Great Hall overlooks the Ottawa River, Gatineau Hills, and the Parliament Buildings.  The Gallery currently has on display an exhibition celebrating the work of Rufino Tamayo, a Mexican modern artist.
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