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President Obama and Hillary Clinton stopped at Midwood Smokehouse<>http://midwoodsmokehouse.com/<> in Charlotte's Plaza-Midwood neighborhood, about a five minute drive from the rally site. Arrived at 5:05. It was unclear if patrons knew he'd be coming but it didn't seem so.

There weren't more than 25 customers. Obama and Clinton were already at the register ordering by the time the pool got inside through another door. We couldn't hear what they ordered. Obama told a woman seated nearby that he wouldn't take selfies because "We can't be here too long," but he gave her a nice hug. A dad and daughter snuck in a selfie from about 15 feet away, not that the president spotted them.

Pool was inside for only a couple of minutes and heard nothing but pleasantries. Rain had stopped by the time we returned to the vans, and the sun was out. Cue celestial choirs. By the time the motorcade pulled out at 5:22 there were a couple of dozen onlookers on the sidewalk.

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