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Date: August 23, 2016 at 2:30:51 PM CDT
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Subject: Travel pool #7: meet and greet

At our last stop here in BR, the president thanked staff and volunteers where various assistants and agencies are assisting residents post flood. He offered prayers on his and the First Lady's behalf. The pool was ushered out shortly after, but got a glimpse of him greeting about 100 or so onlookers who clearly got wind of the president's appearance. They were pretty amped to see him, too.

Coming out, he gave his obligatory "no selfies" talk -- to laughter -- and your pool was ushered to the vans right after. We arrived at the airport at 2:20. He is, per a prior report in this space, meeting with he families of recently fallen officers and the family of Alton Sterling. This is a closed press meeting.



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