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From: John Stanton >
Date: October 7, 2016 at 2:32:50 PM CDT
To: "Allen, Jessica L. EOP/ Who" >
Subject: Travel pool 8 early voting

POTUS made an unannounced stop at 69 west Washington in the Loop to early vote.

With hundreds of onlookers in the steers, Obama hurried into the Chicago Board of Elections office in the basement.

"You guys are doing a wonderful job. Appreciate ya" Obama told the approximately dozen poll workers as he filled out paperwork.

What's my date of birth? 8 4 81?" POTUS joked. "Nice try!" One of the workers said, to which Obama retorted he was "Shaving just a couple of decades off."

After locating his machine and beginning to vote, POTUS looked up at the pool and cracked, "they can't see who I'm voting for can they?" and feigned an effort to shield the screen.

Asked who he voted for, Obama looked up and smirked.

At 231 he emerged from the building and motorcade is preparing to roll.

C U B S! Cubs! Cubs! Cubs!

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