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Pool was ushered into the event just before 7 p.m. The dinner is set up under a clear tent on the patio of a very nice home.

The first course appears to be a caprese salad of sorts with burrata or mozzarella. DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was spotted working the room. Charlie Crist is reportedly in attendance, and pool also laid eyes on Emilio Estefan.

POTUS was introduced by Robert Rubenstein, the local personal injury lawyer who is hosting the event. Rubenstein joked that Obama "knows the difference between realty and a reality show."

POTUS started speaking at 7:18 pm. Obama talks about his recent trip to Elkhart, Ind., repeating many of the points he made during that speech.

"If your concern about the economy, then this shouldn't be close. Now, in fact, when you look at what's happening in the other party right now, there is no coherent economic theory. And the appeal that is being made is not primarily an economic one but rather it is feeding resentments. And looking for a 'they' to blame for whatever frustrations people understandably feel at any given moment in time."

"So being able to say that it's immigrants or its gays or its somebody that is taking something away from you - that's the essence of the message that the Republican nominee is delivery and frankly has been the message that's been delivered by this Republican Congress for to long. And it's divisive. And it's factually wrong."

POTUS pivoted to this election year, without naming Donald Trump by name.

"We have to take this election seriously. Because we live in a fascinating media environment." (One guest at the dinner looked at the media pool during this line in a joking mock-glare.) Obama went on to note that Trump is dominating the media cycle this year.

"Celebrity and fame is such a driver in this culture - and everything's so contested," he said.

"I want us to run scared the whole time," Obama says about the 2016 election.

He went on to address the Trump violence (Quotes sent in the previous report.) He then said:

"I want our democracy to work in such a way that eventually - and I've been waiting a while now - and eventually the Republican fever breaks and they become once again a sensible center-right party that can have a coherent policy debate with us and we can actually get some stuff done. But that doesn't happen if we start digging into absolutist positions and aren't willing to compromise and are resorting to some of the same kinds of tactics they've been engaging in for quite some time."

The president went on to say that "we have cause for optimism" and that the country is becoming increasing tolerant and diverse.

Pool was ushered out after about 17 minutes. As pool was leaving, we overheard the president ask for some tea to keep himself hydrated.

"I'm out of practice, I haven't campaigned in a while,' he said.

Please check against transcript. Misspellings and typos the fault of the Massachusetts public school system.
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