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Pool moved to position outside the restaurant around 8:40pm. A huge crowd of people had formed outside on either side of the place, and across the street. They were all ages, including a very tired looking little toddler who was hoisted on his mom's shoulders. Susan Rice exited at 8:49pm. WH staff had begun to pull some of the people who were standing outside to the left of the restaurant over to the right side and after a lot of chaotic wrangling they eventually settled behind a metal barricade that was brought in so POTUS could shake their hands in some sort of orderly fashion. Pool was set up across from them, with a pathway for POTUS to walk to the limo in between. It was steaming hot outside and the street and sidewalk was narrow. The space between the restaurant door and the president's limo was short, about 30 feet. Cheers erupted in the crowd even before POTUS stepped out of the restaurant from those who could see him working his way to the door. POTUS waved as he stepped onto the sidewalk. He walked to his left and shook hands with the people behind the barricade. They were reaching for him and cheering, taking video and photos with their phones. POTUS was surrounded closely, surrounded really, by a group of Secret Service agents. He seemed to be enjoying the moment. He worked the short ropeline then waved a few times before getting into the limo. Photos attached.

Pool couldn't hear anything that was said. Ben Rhodes got into the other side of the limo with POTUS. Motorcade was rolling a few minutes later.

Uneventful ride back to JW Marriott. Arrived at 9:13pm. We have a lid.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal


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