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From: Michael Shear >
Date: April 22, 2016 at 7:35:17 PM GMT+1
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Subject: Travel Pool Report #11 — Arrival at Kensington Palace

At 7:15 pm local time, the motorcade carrying POTUS and FLOTUS arrived, entering into an interior courtyard at Kensington Palace, home to Kate and William, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge and several other royal families.

Doors in the center of the courtyard along one wall opened, and Kate and William and Prince Harry walked down several stone steps onto the cobblestones in the courtyard. It was drizzling rain (surprise!) but the three royals did not have an umbrella. Kate was wearing a teal and purple dress and black black heels. William was wearing a navy suit with a white shirt and no tie. Harry was wearing what looked like they could be bluejeans and a white shirt and blazer.

POTUS got out of The Beast, carrying an umbrella, and walked around the car to get FLOTUS. POTUS was wearing a dark suit and a white shirt and no tie. FLOTUS is wearing a camel-colored dress and a darker-camel coat. FLOTUS has gold-colored heels on.

The First Couple and the royals approached each other and greeted each other with handshakes all around. Harry gave a double-kiss to FLOTUS.

Your pooler could not hear the pleasantries that were exchanged among the group. At one point, as they were walking up the several steps, POTUS appeared to be asked whether he had enjoyed his time in London, to which he answered that he had had "a thoroughly enjoyable time." When they got to the steps, the group of five of them posed for a picture for the press, which snapped like crazy, and POTUS said: "I'm sure one of those will work."

As the doors swung open, and the group headed inside, the pool glimpsed young Prince George standing near the foyer. He appeared smartly attired  for bedtime in a light-colored robe and pajama pants.

Your pool is now holding in a very nice room in Kensington Palace (A painting of Charles, Grand Duke of Mecklenberg Strelitz, in a British military uniform, riding a horse, hangs over the table we are at.)

Special thanks to Colleen Nelson of the WSJ, for spotting little George, and for general fashion-related advice for this pool report.
Michael D. Shear
White House Correspondent
The New York Times

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