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Last pool report, rest of conversation from the nighttime stroll video follows:

XI: "I don't think the weather will be as good tomorrow as it is today"

They stop at a pagoda that Xi says has been there for many years, and they pause to sit and take a break in  wooden chairs. This is tea called "Longing" tea, Xi explains, and it's from a local village near Hangzhou called Longing. He explains Longing tea ??? literally translates to mean dragon well tea.

(Pool note: for more on the intricate flavors of Longing tea, can check out this CNN travel article >http://travel.cnn.com/shanghai/visit/explore-hangzhou/longjing-village-hangzhous-ultimate-green-tea-experience-302902/< )

Obama approves: "Very nice"

Obama asks about the growth and change Xi has seen over the years.

Xi talks about his experience as an official in Zhejiang province, where he worked his way up to being the provincial party chief. And how Zhejiang served as a model for other provinces.
Xi talks about plans to build a modern conference center. Their time is at a close and Obama arrives at motorcade and takes off.

That's a wrap.

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