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A bit of chaos on the tarmac. Pool was brought under the wing of AF1 per usual but the scene was not per usual. There were no stairs to the top door to AF1, instead President Obama exited via the lower level stairs so pool could hardly see him, and only for a split second as he exited at 2:30pm. A member of the Chinese delegation was screaming at White House staff from the moment pool got onto the tarmac. He wanted he US press to leave. The Chinese had put up a blue rope under the wing so pool had to stand behind it. This man was demanding the pool, which was behind the blue rope, get away from the arrival scene altogether. At one point a White House official told him this was our president and our plane and the press wasn't moving. The man yelled, "this is our country." He yelled at another White House official and got testy with Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes, seeming to try to block them from walking closer to the arrival scene after they lifted the blue rope and walked to the other side of it, nearer to POTUS.

The red carpet was lined on both sides with greeters so there was no ability for cameras to get a photo or video footage of POTUS greeting people as he walked to the presidential limo, which was at the end of the red carpet.

Motorcade was rolling within minutes after that warm welcome.

Thanks to Mark Landler for the assist.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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