Fwd: Travel Pool Report #2 - Arrival in Havana

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From: Edward-Isaac Dovere >
Date: March 20, 2016 at 4:27:04 PM GMT-4
To: Desiree Barnes >
Subject: Travel Pool Report #2 - Arrival in Havana

Air Force One touched down in Havana at 4:19 local time. History has been made.

President Barack Obama is now the first American president in 88 years to arrive in Cuba -- and this is the first time ever for Air Force One (Calvin Coolidge came in 1928 by battleship).

The president will be spending the next two days here in Havana. Today's itinerary will include a walking tour of Old Havana and a trip to the Cathedral, where he will meet Cardinal Jamie Ortega.

More detail and color from the arrival to follow in the next pool report. Pending cell reception, your pooler will endeavor to tweet photos that capture all that's ahead.

Edward-Isaac Dovere
Senior White House reporter

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