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Subject: Travel Pool Report #2 - Arrival in New Mexico and gaggle highlights

Air Force One landed at Roswell International Air Center (New Mexico) at 1:13 pm local time.

Deputy Press Secretary Jennifer Friedman gaggled during the flight.
No major news. In case full transcript has not been sent out yet, main highlights below.

+ Dissident views at State department on Syria
Jen said she had not read the memo.
"The administration welcomes a strong deliberation on the foreign policy challenges that face our Nation"
"Secretary Kerry noted that he looks forward to reading this memo"
"We are always open to new and different ideas when it comes to the challenges in Syria", she added before restating the WH policy : "The president has always been clear that he does not see a military solution to the crisis in Syria and that remains the case"
"It's not surprising that there would a diversity of opinions on how to best achieve our goals in Syria"
Has POTUS has read the memo ?
"I am not aware that he has read it"
Does the WH find it embarrassing ?
"This is an existing official vehicle that is in place to allow State department employees to convey alternative views and prospective on policy issues"
Would POTUS be open to meeting with the authors of the memo ?
"No possible meetings to outline at this point"

+ Meeting with Saudi Deputy Crown Prince at the WH this morning.
Key points of the readout :
"The president expressed appreciation for Saudi Arabia's contributions to the campaign against ISIL"
"The president and Deputy Crown Prince discussed steps to support the Iraqi people including increased Gulf support to fund urgent humanitarian and stabilization needs.
"On Syria, they reaffirmed the importance of supporting the cessation of hostilities and the political transition away from Assad"
"With regard to Yemen, the president welcomed Saudi Arabia's commitment to concluding a political settlement of the conflict"
"They also discussed the important role Saudi Arabia can play in addressing extremist ideology"
(Asked to elaborate or be more specific on this last point, Jen declined to add anything)

+ Reports on US putting a hold on the transfer of cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia because of civilian victims
"Nothing to confirm at this point"

+ Killing of a parliament member in the UK
"This is a tragedy and our hearts go out to the families"

+ John McCain comments on Obama's responsibility in Orlando shooting
Jen quoted Josh last week : "We are not going to be distracted by small things", saying this comment applied to the situation

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