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Shortly after take off, Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz gaggled onboard AF1 for a little over a half hour, touching on a range of issues. Please check these quotes against the official WH transcript.

Schultz reiterated POTUS' disappointment expressed earlier in the day regarding the SCOTUS split ruling resulting in a blockage of his plan to stop the deportation of millions of immigrants. Schultz said that he had not heard a call to stop all deportations, stating such actions taken by Homeland Security prioritize recent border crossers, known threats to national security and criminals.

On Zika, he said the president would veto the $1.1 billion legislation that Republicans have put forward if it reached his desk, although Schultz said that seems unlikely because it doesn't look like it could pass the Senate.

"We are disappointed that Republicans turned this into a political exercise," he said.

Among the reasons he gave: the funding level is "woefully inadequate," it contains an "ideological rider" blocking access to contraception for women, it "steals money away from critically important public health priorities," including ongoing work In West Africa to prevent another Ebola outbreak, and it guts some provisions of the Clean Water Act.

On Congressman John Lewis and the sit-in on the House floor to agitate for action on tighter gun restrictions:

"Everybody in the White House, including the president, believes what Congressman Lewis has led was an important thing to do, and underscored the dereliction of responsibility by the House leadership."

Earlier: "What you saw in the House over the past 24 hours is embarrassing for House Republican leadership. They won't even call for a vote.... If the speaker of the House believes that those who are too dangerous, as determined by homeland security officials, to board a plane, but that that same individual ought to be able to purchase a firearm, then the speaker of the House should have the courage to call the yeas and nays and call for a vote."

*Schultz had no reaction from POTUS or the WH regarding the decision in Baltimore that found Officer Caesar Goodson not guilty in the death of Freddie Gray, citing ongoing federal investigations into the Baltimore Police Department.

*On Europe: Schultz said the WH was aware of the incident in Germany and that POTUS had been briefed but had no update; Schultz predicted the WH would have a reaction to the so-called Brexit vote when a decision comes down.

*On politics: still no new date on when POTUS will campaign with Hillary Clinton following a postponement after the tragedies in Orlando. Asked if they would still be doing the event in Green Bay, Wisc., Schultz said "I'm not sure we've locked in a location yet."

And a big thanks to the NYT's Julie Hirschfield Davis for help on quotes.



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