Fwd: Travel pool report #2

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From: Carol Lee >
Date: January 10, 2017 at 4:27:13 PM EST
To: "Gabriel, Brian A. Jr. EOP/WHO" >
Subject: Travel pool report #2

POTUS's mini-motorcade arrived back at AF1 at 4:17pm. He and FLOTUS stepped out of the SUV, both are wearing long black coats. POTUS shook hands with 4 AF1 military officers on the base and posed for a photo with them. They were lined up perpindicular to the stairs. POTUS walked away and turned to aide Joe Paulsen for some challenge coins to give the officers. When he turned around they had gone back to their posts. POTUS didn't realize they had walked away and was surprised.

He and FLOTUS boarded AF1 at Andrews at 4:19pm for the last time as POTUS and FLOTUS. Your pooler is resisting making every "last time" reference humanly possible but it's so hard cuz there are so many potential opportunities.

AF1 is rolling and wheels up momentarily.

Side note: Lester Holt and crew are aboard as well.

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