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Subject: Travel pool report #3 - 11/16/16

POTUS emerged through the propylaea, the ornamental entrance to the Acropolis, at 11:39am. He was walking with a guide. He was wearing khakis, a blue button down shirt, a black jacket, brown shoes with laces and sunglasses.

The Acropolis was totally empty, except for POTUS, his entourage and a few stray cats.

Per WH POTUS's guide is Dr. Eleni Banou, Director, Ephorate of Antiquities for Athens, Ministry of Culture.

POTUS paused and listened to Dr. Banou after walking through the propylaea. She who appeared to be explaining what he was looking at. POTUS walked by pool en route to Athena Nike. "So, how is this all financed," he asked Dr. Banou. Pool couldn't hear anything else.

At Athena Nike, POTUS listened to Dr. Banou and asked questions, as he observed the site. She held up a card with images on it at one point but your pooler couldn't see what it was.

He then walked over to the Parthenon with Dr. Banou. They continued to chat about the site. She asked POTUS if he wanted to go see Belvedere Tower. He said sure and as he walked over to it asked his staff if he had time.

Pool was ushered out of the Acropolis as POTUS stood on the tower with Dr. Banou looking out at Athens.

A couple dozen WH staffers were getting a separate tour.

Motorcade was rolling at 12:15pm.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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