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The pool was led in to the meeting room where the two delegations were facing each other,  with POTUS and Erdogan sitting opposite each other in the middle of the table.

POTUS began by saying it was the first time he's been able to meet Erdogan face to face since the "terrible attempted coup" in July.

He said that "by taking to the streets to resist the coup attempt the Turkish people once again affirmed their commitment to democracy and the strength and resilience of democratic institutions inside Turkey."

"I indicated at the time the unequivocal condemnation of these actions and spoke personally to president Erdogan. "

POTUS said the US was also committed to "investigating and bringing the perpetrators of these illegal actions to justice."

" I have assured him that our justice department and my national security team will continue to cooperate with Turkish authorities to determine how we will make sure that those who carried out these activities are brought to justice. "

POTUS also offered condolences on" savage" terror attacks in Turkey.

On Syria...

"Our military,  our law enforcement and intelligence cooperation has helped push ISIL back, especially along the Turkish Syria border,  but we now need to finish the job. And we discussed ways in which we can further cooperate in that regard. "

" President Erdogan and I also agreed to continue pursuing a peaceful political transition in Syria,  which is the only lasting way to end the terrible civil war there. "

He praised Erdogan personally for Turkey's help with refugees.

More to come...

The pool is now staging awaiting the motorcade.

PS As we were waiting to go in to he bilat Secretary Kerry walked by with Rob Malley and State Department aides.

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