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White House press secretary Josh Earnest gaggled for roughly 24 minutes about Air Force One, and most of the questions focused on the Democratic presidential nomination. Here are some highlights, please check all quotes against the transcript.

“I do not anticipate any formal announcement of an endorsement in the race for the president in advance of his meeting with Senator Sanders tomorrow… That certainly would include the conversation the president expects to have with Mr. Fallon” of The Tonight Show.

Earnest said the meeting with Sanders would take place at the White House at 11:15 am on Thursday.

Referring to the calls Obama made to Hillary Clinton and Sanders last night, Earnest noted, “One of those calls was a congratulatory call,” referring to the call Obama made to Clinton.

“And for months now, we’ve been saying that the president will support the Democratic nominee.”

Asked if the president thinks Sanders Pshould drop out of the race, Earnest said, “At this point the president believes that Senator Sanders has more than earned the right to make his own decision about the course of his campaign and the president is certainly respectful of that.”

Earnest also remarked on how POTUS viewed the speech Clinton gave Tuesday night, saying,
“We were talking on the helicopter about the powerful speech that Secretary Clinton delivered last night. It was a historic moment.”

“The president was struck by the historic nature of last night’s speech.”

Earnest also said the president continues to support the legislation aimed at helping ease Puerto Rico’s debt crisis, and the overhaul of the chemical safety bill TSCA.

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