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Motorcade arrived Eakin's Oval in Philly at 1:25 pm.

Eric Schultz gaggle highlights: (check against transcript)

Began with statement on jump in household income between 2014 and 15,
as reported by Census Bureau.  Real median household income grew at
5.2 percent, a record for an annual increase on record.

Income grew across all income levels, largest gain among lower and
middle income levels.

"As you all know, there's been a lot of gloom and doom about America
being pervaded these days, but the facts tell a different story."

In 2015 we experienced the fastest wage growth on record, biggest
decline in poverty since the 1960s, and lowest uninsured rate on

Credits resilience of American people, and policies of this president.


Q. 9/11 bill, timing of veto: WH received the bill last night, no
update on timing of veto. WH is vetoing because of need to protect
sovereign immunity.

Q. re doom and gloom, is that illegitimate?

The facts today speak for themselves. Then shared more facts: number
of people in poverty fell by 3.5 million from 14 to 15. Poverty rate
decreasing faster than at any point since the 1960s. African American
and Hispanic households saw fastest decline in poverty rate.

Q. On Hillary campaign event: I think you can expect his remarks to
reflect themes you've already heard. Reviewed POTUS's speech at
Democratic convention, praise for Hillary. "He witnessed first hand
her grit, her determination, her sense of self-lessness and her pride
in her country." Also, as president, he knows what challenges face the
next president, and he believes she has the determination and

Q. Has POTUS spoken with Hillary: declined to say. He says WH doesn't
read out every private conversation.

Q. Does POTUS think he can outrun Donald trump? "I'm not here to
handicap the physical fitness of the candidates running for office."

Schultz noted the president's busy schedule including his recent Asia
trip and said he'd expect more campaign events in the coming weeks,
but had no updates on the schedule.

Asked if POTUS believes he's "passing the baton" to Clinton, Schultz
answered: "He believes this election has enormous stakes. And he's not
only proud of his record over the past eight years, but he believes
that we should not be turning back the clock."

On whether Democrats should focus more on the alt-right and even
"deplorables," Schultz wouldn't comment on political strategy but did
offer that "Republicans have deployed some tactics to appeal to
American cynicism," including Republicans in Congress. He repeated an
oft-made reference by this White House to House Majority Whip Steve
Scalise for calling himself "David Duke without the baggage."

On POTUS' meeting with Sec. Kerry, Schultz said it was the president's
regularly scheduled meeting with him and was always on the president's
schedule, but was left off the initial public guidance because of an
oversight. It was advised today out of an interest in transparency, he
said, pausing to smile for non-existent cameras.

Schultz wouldn't comment on Mike Pence declining to label David Duke
deplorable, saying it was up to the campaign to defend it.

On the NCAA pulling championships from NC, Schultz noted that POTUS
has called the bathroom legislation mean-spirited and misguided,
contrary to values and bad business. The NCAA's decision is evidence
of that.

Israel: Schultz said the U.S. and Israel are in the "final stages" of
discussions over a memorandum of understanding. "This has been a long
and complicated process, but we believe that it's one that is worth it
because it's in the interests of both the United States and our
greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel, one of our closest allies
around the world, to reaffirm our commitment to their security." No
details on timing, but it is a priority for the administration.

On POTUS' drop-by a meeting with health executives, Schultz said it
was a positive and constructive meeting.

Is POTUS taking credit for today's good economic news? "It's not about
taking credit. This is about making clear where we were, how far we've
come and where we are today. Given that we are a few months from an
election, it's important to take stock of how much we've achieved over
the past eight years. There's no question that the grit, determination
of the American workforce is why we are in such a better place than we
were when the president took office. But there's also no question that
the president's policies have helped steer the United States economy."

On whether POTUS received any reassurances that TPP will come up in
the lame duck, Schultz said he had no details beyond the readout of
the meeting with congressional leaders but that he was confident that
the leaders know his position.

Thank you to co-pooler Mike Memoli of LAT for help on gaggle highlights.

Linda Feldmann

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