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Date: June 18, 2016 at 10:20:54 AM PDT
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Subject: Travel Pool Report #3 - Interaction with kids

The motorcade departed POTUS hotel at 9:53 am on a sparklingly sunny day.
After a short drive, with hikers waving along the way, we stopped at a Park facility where a dozen kids, seating on the floor, were waiting for POTUS and FLOTUS.
Wearing dark jeans and a cream shirt, POTUS starting chatting with the enthusiastic group.
"Hey guys !
How are you doing ?
Are you guys having fun ?
You know Michelle ?
When did you guys get here ?"
First Lady Michelle Obama, wearing black clothes and a black hat, then joined the conversation.
"How are you going to scare bears away  ways ?", she asked.
As all the kids started screaming, POTUS responded : "Oh, I would get out of here !".
POTUS then told the kids about the Every Kid in a Park initiative, launched early 2015 by the White House.
"We want to make sure that you and kids all around the country get a chance to use the National Parks more often", he said, before he started distributing the cards, together with FLOTUS.
Barack and Michelle Obama then sat on the floor for a picture with the group.
POTUS made sure all kids were smiling.
"Everybody say cheese"
Everybody say National parks"
Everybody say Happy birthday", he added, mentioning a birthday girl in the group.
"Who is going to help me up now ?", he added.
Pool holding in the bus.
Next stop is  the Sentinel Bridge, in the Yosemite Valley, where POTUS will be delivering remarks, with a spectacular backdrop : the Yosemite Falls , highest waterfall in the Park (dropping a total of 2,425 feet).
The remarks are open press.
(After the remarks, and as we move on to more remote parts of the park, phone coverage should be extremely limited, unsure when next pool report will go out).

Jerome Cartillier
AFP White House Correspondent
Cell : xxx-xxx-xxxx

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