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The president made brief remarks on the news of the day. Please check these quotes against the official WH transcript.

After being introduced by Stanford's John L Hennessy, POTUS said he would not give a long speech, but wanted to offer "some opening thoughts." on the "British people's decision to leave the European Union."

That announcement drew groans from the capacity crowd of 1,700 as announced by the WH.

He called David Cameron, with whom he earlier spoke, "an outstanding friend and partner on the global stage."

"Based on our conversation I'm confident that the U.K. is committed to an orderly transition out of the EU."

Obama said he also spoke with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, saying they agreed to work closely together

POTUS said he thinks the vote "speaks to the ongoing changes and challenges raised by globalization."

He reiterated his statement from this morning, saying that while the U.K's relationship with the EU will change, "One thing hat will not change is the special relationship that exists between our two nations. That will endure. The EU will remain one of our indispensible partners."

To note for those not following along online, the WH announced the panelists who will participate in the panel discussion.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mai Medhat
Jean Bosco
Mariana Costa Checa

Panel is ongoing.



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