Fwd: Travel pool report #4, 10/23/16 -- Obama on Trump: "Can't do that!" and rally begins

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Subject: Travel pool report #4, 10/23/16 -- Obama on Trump: "Can't do that!" and rally begins

Not long after Boyz II Men finished singing "Motownphilly" and the presidential seal was affixed to the front of the podium where President Obama will speak indside, he appeared on a small stage in a courtyard outside, in front of a Jumbotron, where a few hundred people were crowded behind metal bicycle rack-style fences. Behind the stage and screen, what your pool assumes is the Cheyenne slogan is painted on a large wall, along with feathers and a Native American shield: "The spirit behind the shield."

A roar went up at 4:33 as the crowd caught sight of President Obama, who spoke for a few minutes, beginning with an apology that they had to be outside.

"But I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate you," he said, adding that he would not be president if it hadn't been for their efforts.

"But if we're going to continue all the progress that we made, then we are going to have to make sure that we vote this time!"

"Not just vote yourselves, but you've got to get your friends, your neighbors your cousins," etc.

"If you care about putting people back to work, then you want Hillary Clinton as president of the United States.  If you want to make sure that immigration reform gets passed, we've got to have Catherine Cortez Masto in the United States Senate. If you want to make sure that we continue to make progress on education and making college affordable, then we've got to have more Democratic members of Congress."

He closed saying that they already knew the stakes: "We can't afford the other guy. Can't do that! Can't do that! I'd feel really bad. You know, this is not joke."

With that, POTUS went over to greet the front row and was off with a last wave.

After an introduction by Masto, he took the stage, at the center of a packed gymnasium, at 4:47 p.m.

The White House informs your pool there are 3,000 people inside the hall and 2,100 in the courtyard.

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