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Your pool arrived to a breathtaking of the Golden Gate Bridge and the motorcade was rolling to our destination at 6:09 PT -- we arrived after a lively but uneventful ride through San Francisco.

The White House announced that POTUS is dining here at trendy Twenty Five Lusk with a host of leaders of Silicon Valley, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs -- including the president of Stanford and an owner of the Golden State Warriors. The dinner is in advance of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Per the WH:

"The President will dine with leaders who promote global entrepreneurship to make communities around the world more economically prosperous, inclusive, and secure. Guests have demonstrated this leadership through capital investments, mentorship, or entrepreneurial incubator opportunities for global entrepreneurs. In addition, all of the guests have had a role in shaping the Global Entrepreneurship Summit and are speakers during the summit."

Dinner guests include: John Doerr, Reid Hoffman, Claire Lee, Elizabeth Gore, John Hennessy, Stephen Ozoigbo, Dave McClure, Chamath Palihapitiya, Sundar Pichai, and Mary Grove.

Pool is holding at Amici's, which, as you might have guessed, boasts a taste of the East Coast.



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