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Pool entered the room where President Obama and Australian Prime Minister Turnbull at 2:23pm.

POTUS spoke first.

He said they had opportunity to exchange thoughts on how the two countries can move forward on key issues.

POTUS said he assured the prime minister that the US-Australia alliance will remain as robust as ever. And hat he's going to do everything he can to have "a strong handoff" and "continuity" with a Trump administration.

He said they discussed fight against Islamic State and some of the regional issues around the Asia-Pacific. "We are aligned in our views" on open markets, TPP, international law on maritime disputes.

"It's not often where I have a meeting and I've got nothing to disagree with," POTUS said.

Turnbull said this was a great moment but a sad moment. He praised POTUS's leadership over the last 8 years. He said they discussed security, humanitarian and economic issues.

"On trade we are quite of the same mind," he said. He stressed the importance of making the case for open markets more than ever now. He said he wishes President-elect Trump the best of success.

He praised the way POTUS has handled the election of Mr. Trump given he was not Mr. Obama's preferred candidate. "We want America to succeed under the next president just as it did under your leadership," he told POTUS.

They stood and shook hands. Pool exited at 2:30pm

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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