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Around 2:35pm, pool was brought into the room for the CEO council spray. POTUS was seated next to Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker. As pool filed in, POTUS informed his corporate and celebrity guests: these are the people who follow me around everywhere I go. They laughed.

POTUS said all problems can't be solved solely by governments. Expect governments to take he lead on transnational challenges. But corporations, organizations have a role to play. He said summit is designed to address growing refugee crisis in Europe and around the world.

He announced the 50 companies committing more than $650 million to the effort (WH fact sheet went out this morning)

He cited Microsoft, TripAdvisor and others including "something called the Clooney Foundatjon for Justice, I don't know what that is." Everyone laughed. George Clooney and his wife Amal had near elbow seats to POTUS. Mr. Obama also singled out George Soros, who had on white headphones.

He said the money is aimed at providing educational and employment opportunities for refugees.

He said this isn't charity, this is part of heir overall mission and makes good business sense."  He said he expects some around the table were once displaced.

"If there's one thing that I hope comes out of today it is a shared understanding that the children we see in these refugee camps are as precious as our children. Somebody loves them just as much," he said.

As pool was ushered out POTUS told the group they had to make sure we were all out.

Pool is holding for family photo spray.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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