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Subject: Travel Pool Report #5 -- ASEAN scene in main hall

While waiting eternity for ASEAN family picture, photographers in holding pen playing world leader bingo.
"I see Park coming."
"Look China PM Li Keqiang!"

Family photo taking place in convention center's main hall. Red platform with little numbers 1-19 pasted to the red carpet, lest leaders forget their place.

Fresh flowers adorn the ground all along platform's edge, slowly wilting from humidity and the inevitable march of time as they await leaders' arrival. (Same could be said of pool.)

Sense of general boredom among lower-level diplomats standing around waiting for their bosses. Punctuated every few mins by an aides launching into full sprint across floor on some urgent last-minute task. In one such case, task turns out to be iced coffee from starbucks.

Pooler wishes WHCA would assign him such an aide.

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