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After a short respite at his vacation house, President Obama was on the move again at 5:30 p.m.

The motorcade made the quick drive to the home where today's Hillary Victory Fund event will be held, arriving six minutes later.

More details and highlights of the president's remarks to come.

A Clinton aide shares this information about the fundraiser:


*   President Barack Obama is attending a Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) event today in MA.
 *   The HVF is a joint fundraising committee between HFA, the DNC and state parties across the country that was established to ensure the DNC and state parties across the country have the resources they need to help the Democrats up and down the ballot win in November.
 *   Funds raised through the HVF are now being used to fund and staff organizing programs in states across the country that will register voters, recruit volunteers and organize Democrats to turn out and support candidates up and down the ballot. The coordinated campaigns are being run by the DNC and state parties and will coordinate with local, state and federal Democratic campaigns to work to elect progressives across the country.


Event #1 (HVF)
Location:                         The Home of Hank & Carol Goldberg
                                        Chilmark, MA
Attendees:                       Approximately 60 attendees.
Cost:                                Attendees contributed $10,000 to attend.  Hosts contributed $33,400.

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