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King Salman greeted President Obama as the motorcade pulled up to the entrance of Erga Palace. The two walked side by side through the ornate main hallway, where paintings of Saudi leaders adorned the walls and enormous crystal chandeliers hung from the ceilings.

The pool was kept at some distance and could not hear any conversation or discern how much the two leaders were interacting.

After a short walk through the palace corridor, they quickly took their places for this afternoon's bilateral meeting. The president and the king sat in arm chairs, with a flag from each country positioned behind them.

An abundance of fresh flowers brightened the reception room where they met, and an elaborate blue carpet covered the floor.

Obama and the king exchanged brief greetings through translators before the pool was escorted out of the room.

"I and the Saudi people are very pleased that you Mr. President are visiting us here in the kingdom," King Salman said.

Obama responded: "The American people send their greetings, and we are very grateful for your hospitality -- not just for this meeting but for hosting the GCC-U.S. summit that's taking place tomorrow."

"Thank you Mr. President, and feeling is mutual between us and the American people," the king said.

With that, the pool was led out of the room. The president and the king are meeting behind close doors now, and the pool is holding in the palace.

Two photos are attached, showing the president and the king walking through the palace and then exchanging greetings at the start of their talks.

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