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Date: April 22, 2016 at 1:01:24 PM GMT+1
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Subject: Travel Pool Report #5 -- Windsor Castle arrival

After a beautiful helicopter ride over the London countryside, Marine One landed at about 12:40 pm local time.

POTUS and FLOTUS landed on a large open, grassy field with the majestic Windsor Castle, with its brown stone turrets, in the background.

POTUS is wearing a dark suit and FLOTUS is wearing, according to the WH: The First Lady is wearing an Oscar de la Renta dress and Narciso Rodriguez coat

After Marine One touched down, a small, black Range Rover drove up alongside it Ina small, paved one-lane road. After a few moments, Queen Elizabeth II got out of the front passenger side, followed by Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

After about a minute, POTUS and FLOTUS walked off of Marine one and greeted the queen and the prince, shaking hands with each other and standing to chat for a minute or two.

The queen was wearing a periwinkle outfit with what looks like some kind of white scarf on her head. The prince was wearing a tan overcoat.

After a minute or so, the Range Rover had turned around to head the other direction. The queen and FLOTUS got into the back seats, while the prince got into the driver's seat and POTUS got into the front passenger seat. The car drove toward the castle, followed by the POTUS motorcade.

Your pool was then hustled into vans headed to the castle, where we are holding in an anteroom.
Michael D. Shear
White House Correspondent
The New York Times

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