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Thanks to co-pooler Christi Parsons for transcribing the second part of the gaggle.

On the South China Sea: The ruling from the tribunal is about 500 pages, Josh said, and attorneys for the USG are still reviewing it. But based on the "well-established process that's codified in the law of the sea convention, this tribunal ruling is final and binding on both parties." The US is not a claimant to any land features in the SCS, he said, adding that the American interest lies in a desire "for a peaceful resolution to disputes in competing claims in that region."
The US wants to preserve the freedom of navigation, he said, for strategic reasons and because this is a "route for billions of dollars in commerce," important to US economy that that not be interrupted. The US encourages  all parties to acknowledge "the final and binding nature of this tribunal" and its decision, without further inflaming the situation.

*On whether the Polish government is right in saying that Obama wasn't critical in how they've handled their constitutional courts: Earnest didn't knock down the idea that Obama meant to be critical in his comments while in Europe. He noted that Obama spoke privately with the Polish president last week and also made public comments in which he emphasized the "shared values of all of our NATO allies, including Poland ... And those values include an unshakeable commitment to the rule of law, to democracy, to a set of universal human rights that includes freedom o f speech, freedom of the press."

*On whether today is this the first time Obama has made an appearance like this where the victims were exclusively police officers: Earnest couldn't immediately think of a comparable moment where police officers were among the victims of a mass shooting at a memorial where Obama spoke, but he later came back to the cabin to note that the president has spoken at the peace officers'  memorial on more than one occasion, commemorating those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

*On whether the challenges in Dallas are broader than policing issues (i.e., other social issues at play):
Obama will likely speak about this today, Earnest said, pointing out that Obama brought this up in the Rose Garden after the conflicts in Baltimore. "There are communities in the country that don't get as much attention from policy makers ... to address some of the basic problems in these communities" ... whether it's to confront lack of access to health care ... economic opportunity ... quality schools ... healthy food ... "The only thing they do have access to is robust law enforcement," he said. It's unfair to thrust all of thse problems on the men and women in law enforcement, he said. Should serve as "a wake-up call" to state and local officials, he said.

*On other events this week, in addition to Wednesday's meetings: There will be something advised later. He did not update the president's schedule.

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