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Pool entered the room for the family photo spray at 3:27pm. POTUS was walking around to shake the hand of each of the leaders, who were lined up in three rows on risers.

POTUS shook hands with PM Renzi, President Erdogan and others. He stood between Ban Ki Moon and King Abdullah of Jordan.

Pete Selfridge said something to POTUS who then said aloud that they were missing two leaders. "We'll photoshop them in," he said, remarking on the capabilities of technology.

Pool was ushered out by 3:30pm and brought to a viewing box for the refugee summit about 5 minutes later.

When pool entered Secretary Kerry was having an animated conversation with President Erdogan of Turkey, who is seated 4 seats from POTUS.

Yusra Mardini, a member of the refugee Olympic team, spoke after a video on refugees played. Mr. Obama is speaking now. Will send notes when he's finished.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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