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What happened at the airport, reporter asks susan rice.
"They did things that weren't anticipated," she says.

In attendance: kerry, rice, jack lew, mike fromman (USTR), dan krittenbrink, us ambassador to china max baucus, josh earnest, brian deese, ben rhodes

Chinese side: MFA minster wang yi, dai bingguo, and others i don't recognize

Sitting left to right: ban, xi, obama

Xi holding a red folder (instrument of joining) hands to ban.
Obama hands black folder to ban.

Xi says, "the paris agreement concluded last year is a milestone" and heralds a global system.
It was under chinese leadership that much of this progress was made, xi says.
"China is the largest developing country and us is the largest developed country" he said, cooperation between the two is essential for progress on climate change.
"Hopefully this will encourage other countries to take similar efforts."
"A chinese saying goes, Only commitment and decision will lead to great achievement,"
Perseverance, joint contribution and shared benefits are essential to climate change efforts.
"When the old path no longer takes us far, we should make use of new methods," he said. "Innovation should be given a fresh boost."

"China is a responsible developing country and acts as a participant in global climate change efforts."

OBama remarks:
The challenge of climate change could define contours of future, he said.
"Some day we may see this as the moment when we decided to save our planet."

"History will judge today's efforts as pivotal."
Together us and china

"There's an american saying, You need to put your money where your mouth is. That's what we're doing."

"President xi and i plan to continue working together in coming months."

"Yes, diplomacy can be difficult and progress on global stage can be slow, but together" it is possible.

When you think back to Copenhagen meeting, obama said, "the prospects of us being here today. The prospects of a paris agreement seemed very far."

Where there is will and vision and willingness ton cooperate as US and China have, obama said, "there is a way."

Ban remarks:
Ban said he has invited leaders to newyork on Sept 21 to move forward with agreement.

We wanted to have agreement in coopenhagen but we may have been too ambitious.

Paraphrased: while ban, xi, obama were waiting outside for announcement meeting. Obama asked ban what ban is going to do after retirement. I'm going to write a memoir,and one of the most inspiring thing in it, ban said, would be what he witnessed seeing the inspiring leadership of obama on climate at coopenhagen.
Ban also praised xi for his "Farsighted, very bold vision"

More quotes from the kindly afp wire pool:

'China has made a major contribution to fight climate change '

'Today as president of China I ratified the Paris agreement'

He said 'Renews the solemn commitment' of China (to the deal is suppose)

'We need to take an innovative approach to climate change'


'It is wonderfull to be back in China. President Xi,  thank you for your hospitality'

Climate,  he said,  could 'define the contors of this century more dramatically than any other challenge'

He said his administration  had transformed the  US into a 'global leader'  on the issue.

He said future generations may look back on Paris deal as  'the moment we finally decided to save our planet'

I believe this will 'ultimately prove be a turning point for our planet'.

Ban ki moon
Addressing Xi and Obama
'By formally joining the Paris agreement you have added powerful momentum' toward bringing the agreement into effect

'I am optimistic we can do it before the end if this year'

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