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Subject: Travel Pool Report #6 -- Duterte mystery solved (sort of)

As EAS leaders take family photo, Duterte spokesman Jose Ruperto Martin Andaman giving strange impromptu press conference very close to the side.

Duterte was sidelined by a migraine headache and that is why he was not at ASEAN meeting, Andaman says

Spokesman said he could not confirm or deny reports that Duterte's daughter suffered a miscarriage. He said he is just hearing these reports as well, and doesn't know if true, but "It is a family matter."

There is still a chance that good that Duterte and Obama may still meet at EAS meeting. Bilateral between China & Philippines  has not been yet been set up but still working on that, he said.

Pool will transcribe his actual taped quotes from Duterte spokesman later if time allows. Pool wanted to get you this bit of news first.

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