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A few more quotes from White House Josh Earnest:

"The president certainly understands the emotions and personal investment that's required to mount a campaign. So the president's respectful of that personal investment and again when you have performed as well as Senator Sanders has, he certainly exceeded everybody's expectations, possibly even his own, in terms of the support and enthusiasm that he would generate and carry all across the country, he's earned the opportunity to make these decisions based on his own thinking and based on his own schedule."

Earnest on what Obama and Sanders might discuss:

"I think the president certainly wants to congratulate Senator Sanders on a remarkably successful campaign."

"I think the president will also convey his appreciation for the kind of agenda that Senator Sanders has run."

Earnest said Sanders has focused on issues including fighting the influence of special interests in national politics and addressing economic inequality, and Obama looks forward to discussing "how Senator Sanders can build on the progress he's made and bring attention to these issues and ensure that the next president of the United States shares those priorities."

He added Sanders has built up an enormous following among millions of Americans, "And no one should take that for granted. The president and the Democratic Party certainly don't take the support" of millions of Americans who support Sanders "for granted."

Earnest noted that Obama has spoken to Sanders at least three times in the last month. Asked how many times Obama has spoken to Clinton during the past month, he said he did not have that information on hand.

In terms of the advice Obama might offer Clinton going forward, Earnest did not identify specifics but said, "The future Democratic nominee could benefit from the advice of the person who's won the last two national elections."

On Puerto Rico, Earnest said the White House continues to support the compromise on Puerto Rico saying, "It has been a painstaking process to build bipartisan support in Congress... Not that it's perfect. It's not."

Below is information about the two fundraisers the president is attending in New York City this evening:

According to Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee official: On Wednesday June 8, President Barack Obama will attend an event for the DSCC in New York, New York. Tickets for the event are $33,400.

This is the tenth event the President has done for the DSCC in the 2016 cycle. The Vice President has also done nine events for the DSCC.

Afterwards the president will attend a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee. According to a DNC official, the DNC fundraiser hosts are Kenneth Lerer and Katherine Sailer. Tickets are up to $33,400 and there will be approximately 60 in attendance.

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