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Subject: Travel pool report #7, 10/23/16 -- San Diego arrival

Air Force One landed at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego
at 6:48 p.m. POTUS descended the stairs and shook hands with a line of
men waiting for him, all but one of them in military fatigues (the
last wore a suit and tie). They were, according to the White House:

Col Jason Woodworth, Commanding Officer, MCAS Miramar
Sgt Maj Kevin Wiss, Sergeant Major Headquarters and Headquarters
Squadron, MCAS Miramar
Maj Gen Mark Wise, Commanding General, Third Marine Aircraft Wing
Sgt Maj James Porterfield, Sergeant Major, Third Marine Aircraft Wing
Representative Scott Peters

Afterward, the president crossed the tarmac to greet a crowd of
onlookers assembled behind low yellow barricades. He spent several
minutes shaking hands before your pool was led away and POTUS turned
to get into the Beast. As we loaded the motorcade, we are told by the
still photographers who witnessed the encounter, POTUS returned to the
pen to greet an older couple he had passed by during his first spin
down the rope line. We unfortunately did not see this firsthand, but
are seeking their names.

The motorcade rolled at 7:07 p.m . POTUS is scheduled to head to a
private residence for a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional
Campaign Committee.

Julie Hirschfeld Davis
White House Correspondent
The New York Times
(202) xxx-xxx-xxxx mobile

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