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Motorcade left the convention center at 3:36pm and arrived at the presidential palace at 3:40pm for President Obama's meeting with Prime MinisterNguyen Xuan Phuc.

The US and Vietnamese delegations were seated across from each other around a large oval-shaped cherry wood table.

The prime minister spoke first. As interpreted, he started by welcoming POTUS, said it was a pleasure to receive him. He said this is an historic visit, opens new chapter in relations between US and Vietnam. He said he was informed  that POTUS had productive talks with President Quang. He said he is delighted and feels encouraged by strengthened economic ties, which he said will promote economic growth in Vietnam.

POTUS spoke next but pool did not hear a lot of what he said because once he started speaking, Vietnamese officials started telling US press we had to leave and were being aggressive. We stayed but missed much of what POTUS said because of the back and forthright.

POTUS said across the spectrum of issues - from economy to maritime issues, US-Vietnamcooperation continues to expand. He said he was looking forward to a productive meeting.

Pool was then ushered out and is holding.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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