Fwd: Travel Pool Report #7 -- Quotes from Duterte's long-suffering spokesman (#toughest job at ASEAN)

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Subject: Travel Pool Report #7 -- Quotes from Duterte's long-suffering spokesman (#toughest job at ASEAN)

When asked if Duterte's headaches happen often, his spokesman Jose Ruperto Martin Andaman said, "It's not regular, but when he is tired and he is always working. because lately, before we flew here to Laos, we had a very bad bombing incident...and the president was not able to rest on the weekend which is usually his rest day on Saturday. Because he had to attend to the victims, the victims' families and the investigation. And then he had to work here in Laos in bilateral meetings. I guess it's taken it's toll on our president."

"The president is coming now. He will attend the closing ceremony...hopefully he can come. We are waiting for him...hopefully he can attend the East Asia. hopefully he's better now."

Asked about reports of his daughter miscarrying, spokesman said, "I just found out now, I have to confirm it. It's a family matter. I cannot confirm or deny it."

"Yes he had a few minutes with Presdient Obama, but I don't know what they talked about because it was just the two of them."

The US-Philippines bilateral should be rescheduled. "we just don't know when."

Asked about south china sea issue, spokesman said, "Our president would rather take the soft-landing strategy and talk peace with China...It means that the president acknowledges the fact that we won the case, and we will not leave the four-corners of the decision. It's just right now we are on the side of peace. Our president wants to talk peace with everyone."

Of the chance of Obama & Duterte still meeting here, spokesman said, "The chances are high, anything is possible. We are still an ally of the United STates, we work with the United States. It just so happens that the meetings and the busyness of the schedule has taken over.

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