Fwd: Travel Pool Report #7 - xi & obama bilat with some of xi's translated remarks

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Subject: Travel Pool Report #7 - xi & obama bilat with some of xi's translated remarks

Bilateral between xi and obama taking place in large room.

Obama walks in with xi.

Introduced to xi are same US officials listed in previous pool report.

US on left. Chinese on right of large rectangular table


Xi remarks (no translation provided so pool is translating what could make out with xi talking in his trademark low, deep baritone voice.
"Welcome president obama to hangzhou," xi says in chinese. "This is an important meeting."

Xi then lists chronologically thru all the major interactions obama has had with chinese leaders, date by dare, including month and year, reaching back to obama first visit after becoming prez.

After listing them all, xi said, from this people can see you know the importance of US-China relations and placed a big emphasis on it.

Obama remarks:
Paraphrased: Climate change just one example of accomplishments we can have when cooperate.

"Look forward to discussion on shared interests."
"Very much welcome china's involvement on" issues like refugee assistance.

Talked of importance of people to people exchanges: Scientific exchanges, education exchanges,

talked of importance of "Discussing of those areas where we differ and how we can manage them."

Xi smiled and nodded as obama talked.

Chinese officials flanking xi on wither side sat and listened stonefaced.

US officials beside obama equally somber.

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