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Motorcade arrive at the airport at 7:16pm. Uneventful ride. POTUS was talking to a couple people at the foot of the stairs of AF1. He jogged up the steps, turned to give two quick waves to the cameras then ducked inside.

And with that, POTUS concludes the final foreign swing of his presidency.

AF1 is wheels up shortly for Joint Base Andrews.

WH says greeters were the same as when POTUS arrived in Peru. Those folks were, per the WH:

Second Vice President of Peru Mercedes Ar?oz
Daniella Rodriguez Ar?oz, daughter of Vice President Ar?oz
Base Commander Major General Luis Gonzalez
ALAR 2 Commander? Hugo Barandiar?n
Minister George Nicholson, Host Economy Liaison Officer
Minister Carlos Amesaga, Director of Cultural Heritage
Minister Jose De Cossio, MFA Protocol
Ambassador Brian A. Nichols
Mrs. Geri Kam
Sophie Nichols, daughter of Ambassador Nichols and Mrs. Kam

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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