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Vice President Joe Biden entered the room where the refugees summit is taking place around 5:10pm as British Prime Minister Thersa May was speaking. Mr. Biden took a seat next to POTUS, who is just to the right of the podium.

VPOTUS wrote something on a note card and passed it to POTUS. POTUS wrote a response and passed it back to VPOTUS. They then looked at each other and smiled. Your pooler has no idea what the subject of the note-passing was, though obviously would like to.

Secretary Kerry had returned to the summit but was handed a note from an aide at 5:20pm and left shortly after.

Dr. Jill Biden was seated a level above. Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright was also seated there earlier in the summit.

POTUS spoke for about 20 minutes, but other leaders were apparently encouraged to keep it short. There was a TV monitor on the floor in for speakers to see that was set on a 3-minute timer that ticked down as they spoke. Many went over the suggested time.

POTUS left the summit at 5:40pm, a little behind schedule.

Motorcade was rolling to the Palace at 5:49pm. It passed Trump Tower where some people were standing on the steps snapping photos of the motorcade, and a demonstration about Egypt. A lot of people packed onto the sidewalks for the motorcade.

POTUS arrived at the Palace at 5:54pm.

We have a travel photo lid.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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