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Subject: Travel Pool Report #8 -- More quotes from xi-obama meeting

More obama quotes courtesy of our two charitable, fast-fingers-of-lightning wire pools:

POTUS began by saying the meeting was 'an opportunity to discuss the breadth and importance of the US-China relationship.'

Climate is just 'one example of what can happen when our two countries work effectively together.'

'We have seen steady progress during the course of my presidency and during the course of the multiple meetings that you and I have had, consistent with the notion of a new model of relations between our countries.'

'what I think we have been able to achieve is a practical and constructive effort where our interests intersect, and a candid discussion in those areas where we differ and our ability to manage them in a way that does not put the bilateral relationship at risk. '

'I know that once again. We will have candid conversations about some of those differences, issues like human rights,  or cyber or maritime. But our teams have been engaged they have worked very well and diligently together.'

'I am absolutely committed to ensuring, not only that this is a productive meeting but that we are also setting the stage so that the next US administration comes in with a relationship that is on a stronf and productive footing. '

Also From obama:
"I know that we will have once again a candid conversation about some of those differences, things like human rights, cyber or maritime."

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