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Motorcade arrived at 12:57pm in a Luang Prabang neighborhood of small homes, shops and restaurants along the Mekong River.

Pool was positioned in the middle of a narrow brick-lined street that ran perpendicular to the Mekong.

He greeted several locals who were standing behind a brown wooden fence in front of heir home, just their faces and iPhones visible. He walked down the street, past a sign that said "Laundry Service."

"What do we have here? Some lamps?" He asked, turning left into a small open-air shop that sold paper lanterns, handmade journals and picture frames.

"I've got to get one for Malia and Sasha," Mr. Obama said, looking at the shelves stacked with journals.

He picked up a large one on the opposite side of he wall that was painted with light pink flowers.

Pool was moved up the street where POTUS had initially walked from. At 1:05pm he exited the shop carrying to paper shopping bags. He handed the bags to aide Brian Mosteller. WH says the shop is called Sa Paper Handicraft.

POTUS walked toward the Mekong he turned right to say hello to some people who were outside the shop on the corner.

"Where'd you say those coconuts are," he asked aloud, not sure to whom. He walked across the street, which overlooked the river, to some women running a coconut stand. They were really large and stacked on a long rectangular table. One of the women took a coconut, placed it on a piece of wood close to the ground and hacked into the top with a knife to make a hole so POTUS could drink from the coconut.

"That was quick service," POTUS said she finally cut through it. He got a straw put in it and took a sip.

He ordered up some coconuts for some of his aides.

POTUS was walking around with his coconut

"You guys kinda wish you had a coconut, don't you?" he said to pool.

Noticing a couple of young guys sitting on a wooden riverside dock, he said "I'm gonna go say hi to these guys."

"You guys just hanging out?" he said to them.

There were crowds of people lined up to see POTUS. And some mopeds.

"Don't break any of those bikes," POTUS said to pool.

We moved to vans and motorcade was soon on the move. Arrived at 1:35pm at town hall site.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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