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At 5:56 pm the presidential SUV arrived dockside at the USS Ross. Under the blazing summer sun POTUS boarded to greet uniformed sailors waiting at a red carpet flanked by wooden (decorative) missiles. A ceremonial golden bell was rung as he boarded.

Per the White House, Commander Russell Caldwell, captain of the USS Ross, led the tour.

Pool boarded from the rear of the ship and headed to the front. At 6:08 POTUS, sans jacket but with tie, emerged and greeted waiting sailors before learning more about the ship and its capabilities, including the 5 inch, 54-caliber cannon they stood alongside.

"That's pretty impressive," POTUS said at one point. "That's better than I do at skeet shooting."

He then posed for a photo with his guide at this point, Garrett Nelson, before heading off.

Pool spoke briefly with Nelson, 21, a petty officer second class originally from Escondido, CA briefly. He explained the context of the skeet quip and helped your civilian poolers with some of the terminology. He has been stationed at the Ross for 3 years.

He had pointed to the visible remnants on the deck and explained to POTUS an exercise they had done last year. A drone tethered to a jet flew at the Ross. At first they were told there were just five "kill shots" but the sixth shot of six had severed the tether.

POTUS reemerged at around 6:28, posed for a few more photos and greeted more sailors before saluting and heading off, once again to the dinging of the bell.

Motorcade rolled at 6:31 pm for the troop event on the base.

From the Navy website:

ROSS is ready to conduct prompt, sustained combat operations at sea in support of carrier battle groups, surface action groups, amphibious assault groups and stands ready to become an integral part of interdiction forces. ROSS can operate in any threat environment. She can defeat hostile surface ships, submarines, and air forces simultaneously while delivering long range attacks.

ROSS' diverse combat capability is orchestrated by the AEGIS Weapon System - the only fully integrated electronic detection, engagement and fire control system in the world today. AEGIS enables ROSS to detect, evaluate and engage an enemy with lethal firepower and accuracy.

ROSS' weapons include surface-to-air missiles, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, Tomahawk cruise missiles, antisubmarine rockets, torpedoes, Phalanx Close-In Weapons Systems and a five-inch rapid-fire deck gun. Electronic warfare countermeasures, decoys, and passive detection systems supplement these weapons.

ROSS' undersea warfare suite consists of underwater surveillance equipment including a hull-mounted sonar and an acoustic array towed behind the ship. Together, these undersea warfare systems give ROSS the capability to detect and prosecute submarines in blue ocean and littoral environments.

Four powerful gas turbine engines provide power for ROSS to successfully complete her warfare missions. They are capable of propelling ROSS to speeds greater than 31 knots. Two controllable reversible pitch propellers assist her rapid acceleration and uncanny maneuverability.

ROSS combines versatility and flexibility to successfully engage any adversary today and into the 21st Century. ROSS and her crew are ready to serve our Navy and our Nation in support of American policy, and stand in defense of democracy and freedom throughout the world.

Mike Memoli
Los Angeles Times / Tribune Washington Bureau
(202) xxx-xxx-xxxx

Mike Memoli
Los Angeles Times / Tribune Washington Bureau
(202) xxx-xxx-xxxx

Mike Memoli
Los Angeles Times / Tribune Washington Bureau
(202) xxx-xxx-xxxx

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