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POTUS ditched the motorcade, opting to walk the short-ish distance from the hangar where the troop event took place to Air Force One. The motorcade followed slowly alongside him. He was on board just before 7:30 pm local.

Per the White House, the crowd count for the event was 2,100 according to Chief Lewis of the Rota Fire Department.

Departure greeters, also per the WH:

US Greeters:

*   Vice Admiral James G Foggo III; Commander, 6th Fleet, Deputy Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe
 *   Captain Mike MacNicholl, Base Commander Naval Air Station Rota
 *   Captain Doug ten Hoopen, Defense Attache to Spain
 *   Ambassador James Costos, U.S. Ambassador to Spain
 *   Michael Smith, Partner of Ambassador Costos

Spanish Greeters:

*   Pedro Morones, Spanish Minister of Defense
 *   Admiral General Jaime Munoz-Delgado, Spanish Chief of Naval Operation
 *   Admiral General Francisco Javier Suanzes, Admiral of the Fleet
 *   Lt General Javier Salto Martinez-Avial, Director of the Cabinet to the Minister of Defense

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