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At 10:49 am POTUS and King Felipe were announced in the Salon de Collonas.

The two men, each in blue suits, walked to greet first the U.S. Delegation and then the Spanish one before standing at the microphone between them before sets of U.S. And Spanish flags.

Please check quotes against transcript.

King Felipe offered remarks in Spanish, as well as a brief section in English at the beginning and end. A translator repeated the rest of his remarks in English.

"I want to thank you dearly for visiting us, and very specially for maintaining this visit given the present particular circumstances," he said.

In English again he said he hoped POTUS would have further opportunities to visit "and to enjoy the many wonders Spain, as you know, has to offer."

POTUS then spoke, in segments to allow for remarks to be translated into Spanish.

"I wish I was staying longer," he said.

"We've had a difficult week in the United States." But it was still important for him to come because of the close relationship with Spain.

He noted it was not his first visit. "I confess, though, that the first time I came to Madrid it was not on Air Force One."

He was about to start law school, had a backpack, traveled mostly on foot, and "ate very cheaply."

"Never would I have imagined that I would have a reception with his Majesty. But it is an extraordinary privilege to be able to be here."

Spain and the U.S. are not only allies "but we are also two countries who share values and ideals."

POTUS said the King "represented the strength and the spirit of the Spanish people." And his personal ties to the U.S. deepen the connection.

"I'm absolutely confident that the ties that bind our people will continue for many years to come."

He closed by saying that FLOTUS and his daughters "love Spain and the Spanish people." And he said he looked forward to a longer visit to Spain, even if it came after he left office.

After the remarks pool exited and headed through the halls of the palace, adorned with tapestries of Don Quixote, to arrive at the Official Chambers were POTUS and the King were seated with the delegations. The brief pool spray at 11:11 am ended quickly, capturing some small talk and smiles among the group.

Pool now holding in a conference room.

Mike Memoli
Los Angeles Times / Tribune Washington Bureau
(202) xxx-xxx-xxxx

Mike Memoli
Los Angeles Times / Tribune Washington Bureau
(202) xxx-xxx-xxxx

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