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Full pool report to come on Q+A with POTUS and President Rajoy. First a partial take on extended comments from POTUS in response to a question from pool about Black Lives Matter and the demonstrations continuing at home. (POTUS was also asked again about the Clinton email probe but did not break new ground).

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On Black Lives Matter,  POTUS began by saying one of the great things about America is that we can petition the government, can speak truth to power. "That is sometimes messy and controversial." He pointed to the abolition movement and drive for women's voting rights as example.

"Whenever those of us who are concerned about failures of the criminal justice system attack police, you are doing a disservice to the cause."

Even rhetorically if we paint police with a broad brush, or "say things that are stupid or imprudent," it risks losing ground for the reform cause.

Maintaining a thoughtful and serious and respectful tone Is going to help bring about real change. POTUS said that includes police departments that are doing the right thing, like Dallas'.

POTUS also said he hopes police organizations are also respectful of the frustrations that communities feel and don't dismiss their concerns as political correctness.

"I'd like all sides to listen to each other," he said.

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