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In response to Spanish media Q about the work to form a government in Spain, and a Q to Rajoy about Trump, POTUS said it wasn't his to figure out all the ins and outs of negotiations that go into forming a Spanish government.

"I'm very confident that whatever government emerges, we'll be able to work with them effectively on a whole range of issues. As you point out, I've got my own politics to worry about back home." He said he wouldn't comment on the U.S. election, saying it was for the American people to ultimately decide.

"What I would say is I have great confidence in the American people, their goodness. Their values. Their decency. Their common sense. Although our political process is messy and dominated by too much money and it lasts too long, there's a lot of rhetoric that is all over the place. At the end of the day I think people recognize the importance of the office of the president, and that the United States occupies a unique role in the world, and will take that decision about who sits in the Oval Office very seriously."

He said there were some connections between populist impulses and voices in the U.S., and what's happening in Europe. He then repeated some of his comments from the news conference yesterday about the need to develop policies that address the impacts of globalization.

Rajoy, via the Spanish fluent Andrew Beatty, said it was up to the American people to decide who to vote for, not naming Trump.

Stay tuned for full transcript.

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