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Subject: WH travel pool report #10 - fundraiser w SCOTUS, Trump, Cruz critiques

Obama used a Democratic fundraiser in a San Francisco home overlooking
the Golden Gate Bridge to again blast Republicans for blocking his
SCOTUS pick.
After some niceties, Obama implored the audience: "We've got some work to do."
He told the group about speaking  Thursday at his law school alma
mater in Chicago:
"I just let it rip, I'm going to go back to my roots," he said of his
law professor past.
"As you know, we have a vacancy currently," he said, adding "We have a
Republican senate that has decided not only not to vote for him, but
to not give the American people an opportunity to hear what he has to
say through a hearing." He made a reference to the fact that some
senators have decided to meet w Garland.
He cast the November election in stark tones: "It's not just about
cases and controversy that may come before the court .... It's about
can our democracy work," he said.
"That's the Senate," he said.  "Things are even more messed up in the House."
He repeated his remarks that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are not
"outliers" that the establishment is embarrassed by, saying the "same
thing members of the Freedom Caucus in the House have been saying for
He said Trump had been "paying attention" to what they were saying on
immigration and other topics and figured he could deliver the message
"w more flair."
He noted there's been a "little bit recoil" in the Republican party
from Republicans he said had not been listening to conservative radio
or reading blogs, and now question the Muslim ban, the wall with
Mexico and Cruz's call to put surveillance in Muslim neighborhoods etc
On the Dem side, he said there were "two fine Democrats running" who
have "tactical differences" but that both believe in climate change,
raising minimum wage, that women should be paid same as men, support
family leave, etc.
"There's not this big ideological divide among Democrats," he said.
"I want a Republican party that is rational and well functioning ...
but that's not what we have now and that's why this election is so
important," he said.
He said he Wanted "to make sure everyone here has the same sense of
urgency I do," but did not repeat his remarks from Thursday that
Democrats weren't excited about the election.
He got big laughs from his line about the importance of public citizenship:
"In 10 months I will no longer be president of the United States but
in 10 months I will, contrary to Mr. Trump's opinion, still be a
citizen of the United States," he said as the crowd roared.

He opened by noting he was there to boost Democrats:
"We think a Dem Congress is good for America," he said.
He said he'd "done a lot of tough stuff" when he was president, but
couldn't have done it w/o members of Congress who "had my back."
He lavished praise on house minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, exclaiming,
"I love me some Nancy Pelosi!"
He noted her Baltimore "tough as nails conviction" and said "I could
not have had a better partner than Nancy Pelosi."
Of her husband, Paul, he offers, "he's her genial sidekick."

Obama thanked the Getty's for their "incredible hospitality"
Said he felt like he was coming full circle, as the first time he was
here "it was unclear how it would turn out."
He spoke for about 20 minutes and was to take questions.

Obama walked into the room at 7:22 pm to shouts of "Yes, we can."
Pelosi took the mic to welcome guests and thanked the Getty's - the
hosts of the night.
"I consider this a room packed full of patriots," Pelosi told Obama.
She introduced Obama by listing his accomplishments, starting w Lily
Ledbetter and including repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
"The list goes on and on," she said.

Pool was brought in to the event at 7:17 pm
Guests were seated, eating dinner at round tables in a two-story
atrium, flanked by pink marble columns and a reclining nude marble
statue to the side. The centerpieces looked like ice obelisks.
Nancy Pelosi was greeting guests as pool was led in.

Lesley Clark
White House Correspondent
McClatchy Newspapers

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