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Obama opened his remarks by criticizing Republicans for blocking his SCOTUS pick.
"Not simply a refusal to confirm him, but a refusal to meet w him," he said.
"Our democracy only works if there is a respect and appreciation of
the process of self-governance."
That requires an adherence to fact and science, he said.
He repeated his warning from earlier today that cooperation will
degrade to a point where it's difficult to do anything.
"Most of us aren't born partisan," he said, laughing as he added,
"Nancy, maybe."
He said he's wanted a "loyal opposition" to help him make better
decisions, "but that's not what we've had...."
"That's why this election is so important."
He said he recognized a "deep obsession w Mr. Trump" and said an
attendee told him he hoped Trump wouldn't succeed him in office, which
he said wouldn't happen.
But, he said Trump and "Mr. Cruz" are doing a favor -- "laying bare, unvarnished,
some of the stuff we've been dealing w in Congress."
He said the two had been painted as outliers, but that they were representative of their party.
"It gives you a sense of what's at stake in this election," he said.
"What's at stake is how our democracy functions."
He said it was important that lawmakers are elected who "don't
consider compromise a dirty word .. That they care about what is
happening beyond our borders."
On the Democratic side, he said he talks to people who tell him they'll miss him, but are "not excited" about
this election
"We can not be complacent and we can not be cynical because the stakes
are too high," he said.
"I hope all of you are fired up and ready to go, cause I am."
He got a laugh when he said he would still be a citizen after leaving
office, "contrary to the assertions of some."
He opened by thanking his hosts, pointed out several members of
Congress, saying democracy doesn't function w/o hardworking members of
He called Nancy Pelosi his "co-partner in everything good we've been
able to accomplish."
Pool was led out as Obama was to take questions from the audience and is now holding in vans.

Obama arrived at 9:06 to applause and shouts.
hostess Cindy Horn was nearly speechless as she introduced Obama.
"I hear you took a recent trip to Cuba," she said, joking that in LA, they
call it the "Andy Span (not sure what the name was but sounded like
that) migration plan."
She then asked Obama about whether he thinks of "beauty in the beast"
when he and FLOTUS get into the presidential limo.
He suggested he might use the line.
She said things are better under Obama, listing ACA, the stimulus.
"In face of Republican obstruction and inaction, he's taken bold
action," she said, listing various Obama initiatives.
Pool was let in at 8:47 p.m.
Attendees were sitting under a cloth tent - decked out w mood
lighting. They sat at round tables w white floral centerpieces and
Spotted: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts
Rep. Brad Sherman, Karen Bass, Xavier Becerra and Rep Ted Lieu.

Lesley Clark
White House Correspondent
McClatchy Newspapers

Lesley Clark
White House Correspondent
McClatchy Newspapers

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